Fota Wildlife Park

Fota is a great place to visit.

We first got membership there when Andrea was born in 2006, and we have been regular visitors since then.

If you’d like to be a member (I’d recommend it), then go to Fota’s website Here.

Something that has really impressed me about Fota over the past few years is that there is always an effort to improve.  New benches, new gazebos, new restaurant, new entrance buildings, new education block, and soon, new animals in an extension to the Wildflife Park.

If you bring kids, then most days there is an activities tent near the main pond, and kids can get stuck into different arts & crafts themed to match whatever time of the year you are there.

Located near-ish to Cork city, there is plenty of parking, two cafes, and lots of animals.  You can go any time of the year, and there is always a new find in there.

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