Some Great Travel Blogs

Ok, I’ve stolen ALL the links listed below.

First, here’s a set of links to blog posts from about places to go in Dublin. There’s some real gems, and Ann-Marie is a gifted and beautiful writer.

So do yourself a favour, and if you find yourself heading to Dublin, do a bit of planning, and visit one of these sites!

Dates With Dublin – The Prelude
Dates With Dublin – The List
Dates With Dublin 1 – Churchtown Bottle Tower
Dates With Dublin 2 – St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Dates With Dublin 3 – The Irish Blood Transfusion Clinic
Dates With Dublin 4 – Glasnevin Cemetery and Museum
Dates With Dublin 5 – Casino Marino
Dates With Dublin 6 – St. Auoden’s Church
Dates With Dublin 7 – Croke Park

Time Travel Ireland is full of images of different places to see in Ireland.  Just click on any of the images on the home page, and it will flip over to give you lots of Information.  Well done to Neil Jackman for his work on this one.

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