I wrote this 6 1/2 years ago, the day after my first daughter, Andrea was born.


Yesterday my life changed. For good, and for the good, in fact, it’s all good!
At 18.40 yesterday (tuesday 20th Feb), my wife and I were given the gift of a beautiful baby girl.
They say that a picture paints a thousand words (and uses a thousand times more memory), but sometimes the pictures are never enough. For this reason, no pictures yet.

I have an urge to bottle this feeling of elation, so that I could always feel like this. It’s like nothing could put me in a bad mood ever again, I’m filled with emotion and love for my daughter and my wife. Part of me wants to write all this down so that I will never forget it.

Yesterday was probably the longest and best day of my life. After a tough day, Andrea was born yesterday evening, and the moment of being handed her for the first time was something which is absolutely overwhelming. It’s something so personal, but something which you are so proud of and want to share at the same time. Any parents reading know what I mean. Any non-parents, folks, it’s unlike anything else in the world.

We spent the rest of the evening admiring her, her fingers, her nose, her eyes. Hours were spent comparing who she looks most like (luckily, Yulia). And I finally headed home after about 20 hours in the hospital. That didn’t stop me from going up there again today! Or tomorrow, or the day after.

Looking at my day old daughter, I still get so emotional. It’s hard to believe that I have a daughter, that she’s so tiny, that she’s so lovely. I know that I sound totally soppy, but I hope that you get a chance to experience this feeling for yourself.
Looking at Yulia, I’m amazed at what she was willing to go through to bring this new life into the world. She’s incredible, so full of strength and love.

Anyway, signing off,

A very tired and happy John.

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