New Years Resolutions.

Last year I didn’t even do one.  I kinda didn’t see the point.  I mean, how much do people change over a year anyway?

Look at the whole phenomenon of those who join the gym (sorry if you’re one) but on average they pretty much give up after 6 weeks.  At least that’s according to the friendly guy in the gym beside our school (where I didn’t join this year.  Um.)

Anyway, I’ve started thinking that maybe New Years Resolutions don’t have to be about the hard stuff – they don’t have to be about what takes away from your enjoyment of life, they don’t have to be a drain on your resources.

There is a movement in Psychology called ‘Positive Psychology’, where the founder has put forward the idea of ‘follow your bliss’.  Find what gives you live, find what gives you energy, and chase that.  Do what something you enjoy, something you love.

So, on that basis I’m rethinking this whole Resolution business.  I mean, what do I actually like to do?

I’m focusing on three things as my resolution.  Guitar, Photography, Blog.

I love playing music, and it’s more enjoyable if I have something to aim for, and am learning some new stuff.  Hopefully this year I’ll get to play some more gigs, but the thing I like is that I’m better at guitar now than I was last year.

Photography is something that pretty much anybody can get into.  Grab a phone and away you go.  However, sometimes it’s nice to have some inspiration.  And for this I like Google Plus.  The feature whereby you can take an existing circle and just incorporate it into your feed is very, very impressive.  I have a circle of photographers that I follow, and their work is inspirational (and beautiful).  Some of them are very nice and post tips on how they get those fabulous shots.  If you’re interested, click here for that G+ circle.

And blogging.  In August I thought that I’d give this a bit of a shot, and am getting to like it more and more.  Why blog?  Well, sometimes I feel strongly about an issue, I have an opinion, and I have a forum where I can share my thoughts.  Sometimes blogging simply helps me work out what I’m thinking about something.  A post a week seems a reasonable target…

So that’s it.  Simple really.  I hope to play & sing more; I hope to take more photos (and maybe put them up here); and I hope to blog more. All of these are things that give me joy, give me energy.  Hope I can keep it up!

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