How Circular 0030/2014 will impact on all Pupils, Teachers and Parents in Ireland.

I don’t even know where to begin. Quinn and his department don’t even seem to like children. They’re just pegs that need to be hammered into economic units. God help any child that has special educational needs.
Quinn needs to go.


Voice for Teachers has written a few times already about the new SNA Circular. However, we feel it is such a current and very important topic, that it deserves further discussion.

We received the following message from an NQT, who asked us not to mention her name.

“I am really worried about this SNA circular. If the Department cut SNA jobs, teaching jobs won’t be far behind. JobBridge has been used when SNA jobs were cut. I am really scared that JobBridge will be used to get free teachers too”.

Solidarity with this NQT. Voice for Teachers will continue to oppose JobBridge for teachers and for SNAs. Thank you for your message.

Thank you, also, to Donncha Mac Fhionnlaoich for sending us the following information.

Circular 0030/2014

affects every single child, teacher and SNA in our schools. Please acquaint yourself with it. Both IMPACT and INTO have requested…

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