Why Katie Piper is an inspiration


Katie Piper's new book. Katie Piper’s new book.

Some years ago I came across a documentary about Katie Piper who was brutally raped by her ex-boyfriend and then had sulphuric acid thrown at her by his accomplice, leaving her with a terrible facial disfigurement.

I was appalled by the double attack on Katie and her bravery in dealing with the aftermath of her physical injuries. One particular scene in Katie Piper: My Beautiful Face brought the tragedy home because it resonated so deeply with me. Katie and her mother (I think) were walking to the local shop for the first time since the accident, not an easy task for a girl whose beautiful face had been severely damaged, and who was naturally fearful at how others would respond in a world that is often unforgiving to those who look different. Stepping into the outside world where people can stare, point and comment on your…

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