iPads vs. Macs & PCs in Education: Pros & Cons

Interesting comparison on the choices in tech in the classroom.

Jonathan Wylie

It’s a question you will often hear debated when schools look to buy new devices. iPads? Macs? PCs? Chromebooks? Which is best? The short answer is, it depends. None of them are bad devices, at least not any more, so it usually comes down to what is the best fit for students, teachers, and the ways that a school is looking to advance teaching and learning with technology.

For this post, I joined forces with Stephen Lai, from teachingwithipad.org. Together we compiled some of the more popular advantages and disadvantages associated with using an iPad when compared to a Mac or Windows laptop.

Why iPads?

1. Speed – We have all become accustomed to how fast our iOS devices wake from sleep. They rarely need powered off and the instant on gratification you get is hard to beat. In fact, if your laptop doesn’t have an SSD drive, the iPad will beat it…

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3 thoughts on “iPads vs. Macs & PCs in Education: Pros & Cons

    • In a cash starved school the cost of the hardware gets to be very important.
      You could buy 4 Chromebooks for the cost of one macbook. Yes, I know it’s not like for like, but at least each child gets a machine with a keyboard. (I think keyboards are needed if you’re going to create content, essays, etc)
      After that, yes software is huge. And thankfully a lot of apps are cross platform

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