The 39 Learning Outcomes for Teachers

Fintan O'Mahony

Here’s something my TUI colleague and fellow English teacher Liz Farrell sent me, it’s worth a read:

The 39 Learning Outcomes for Teachers
Strand 1
Classroom Work
1. Planning , link 39 learning outcomes with 24 statements of learning keeping the 6 key skills in mind.
2. Increased workload. In First Year now I must cover a studied novel, with on going sustained reading of novels throughout the year. A variety of drama extracts, a variety of non literary texts including texts in oral format. A number of short stories, at least 10 poems. Too broad, how many?
3. Must ensure school buys one text book, three sets of novels, one set of drama texts and one workbook.
4. Must up skill in order to use Animoto, Padlet etc. Must ensure access to Computer Room at least once a week.
5. Must up skill on methodologies. Need to find out…

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