Another Teacher Resigns


To whom it may concern:

Why am I leaving?  Long story short, our current school system and certain administrative practices are not letting me do my job.  I cannot work in an environment where only half of my time can be devoted to the art of teaching.  I retired from the military to become an educator, and I am compelled to go where I can do this more effectively.  Authentic teaching is done free of the restrictive standards, unattainable objectives, and insanely burdensome administrative minutiae that are imposed upon us every day.  I became a teacher to serve the kids and the community, not the greedy, idealistic inexperienced administrators, corporate interests, and politicians who are destroying our beloved profession.  I find myself each day spinning wheels trying to stay ahead of their game, crunching numbers, while our students’ true education suffers.

Year after year, “they” keep piling more and more…

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