An experiment with mackerel

This evening we tried out something new at home – smoking mackerel.

Step one was getting some fresh mackerel, and thanks to Ballycotton seafood for some of the finest!

Next was to fillet the fish. To my shame, I’ve never done this before but it all worked out in the end :


Step three was to cover the fish in salt. Simple. Let it rest like that for 5 minutes.


The next bit required a bit of advance preparation. What to use for smoking?
We have a good steamer that has 3 levels. To keep the base ok I first covered it in tin foil.

I then put a handful of oak shavings on the tin foil.
Next was to place the fish on each layer, first putting on a bit of olive oil so that it wouldn’t stick.


And now to cover and apply the heat.
DO THIS OUTSIDE IF YOU CAN!!! (You won’t be thanked if you smoke out the house and set of the alarms)

I put it on a camping gas cooker.  Put the heat on full until the smoke starts, and then turn it down. Smoke for 10 minutes and that’s it!


The finished product:


It was delicious!

Give it a shot!
We got the oak chips in a DIY store but any friendly carpenter should help you out

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