Turia Pitt magazine cover is breaking down barriers

Amazing story. Both the woman’s bravery, and the magazine’s decision to print on the front page.


Turia Pitt makes the cover of The Australian Women's Weekly

I must confess I had never heard of burns survivor Turia Pitt until one of my Twitter followers in Australia sent me a picture of The Australian Women’s Weekly’s July edition. And, as you can see, its cover is a photo of the remarkable and beautiful Turia.

The reaction has been effusive, with BuzzFeed describing it as ‘probably the best women’s magazine cover ever’. Quite a statement that, and perhaps also an unintended criticism of that sector of the magazine world where the emphasis on beauty is constant, and the cover photos are practically always gorgeous women – and men.

Women’s Weekly dared to be different and in doing so was pretty courageous, but also
reflective of the diversity of women, whether it’s a disability, race or a facial difference. It also acknowledges her strength of character in turning her life around following a horrific accident and the amazing love…

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