I am a so-called ‘lazy’ teacher


I am a so-called ‘lazy’ teacher.

I work for only 40 weeks of the year. School finishes at 2:45pm every day.

I am a so-called ‘lazy’ teacher.

I teach 600 different teenagers a week, and I address each one individually by name, and ask how their weekend was, making sure to remember that John had a trip away with his choir. I stand at my classroom door and smile as they laugh at me singing songs and at me calling everyone ‘sausage’ or ‘treacle’, and wishing them an ‘amazeballs day’.

I am a so-called ‘lazy’ teacher.

I get to work for 7am, by 7:15am the car park is already a third full with my colleagues. If I arrive at 7:30am, there are no spaces left. I stay for 13, or 14 hour days, sometimes for parents’ evenings, or school concerts, or meetings about a trip. Sometimes I work this long when I return home…

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