Sharing Documents in Google Drive

(I’m building a Google site in our school domain to put together a series of ‘how-to’ pages to help students & staff figure things out.  Here’s the latest offering, hope it helps someone!)

Once you know how to create documents, it’s a good idea to know how to share information.

For example, you may be part of a group working on a project.  Drive makes it very easy to share whatever document you are working on.

First Method for Sharing:

Let’s take the document we created earlier as an example.  Remember, it looks like this:

Open a document for yourself.

Notice that at the top right hand side of the document there is a blue button labelled ‘Share’.
Click on this.
You will then see a pop up screen that looks like this:

Type the email address of whoever you want to share the document with.  Make sure you have the right email addresses!

If you have accidentally clicked on the sharing button click ‘Done’, and you will exit this screen.

Once you have the names you want to share with, you can choose to add a note.

Click the ‘Done‘ button at the bottom of the pop-up window and that’s it.  You have now shared the document with your group.

It will appear in their Drive folder.

Second Method for Sharing

In your Drive folder, look at the list of documents you have.

Click once on the document you want to share.

You will notice that the menu bar on your screen now has a few new options.  They look like this:

Click on the icon that looks like a person with a + sign on their shoulder.

You will then get the sharing screen that you saw in Method 1

Follow the same instructions, and you have managed to share!

How Do I See Something Shared With Me?

Open your Drive folder.  At the left hand side you will see a tab labelled ‘Incoming’ (in the ‘New Drive’.  In the older version of drive, it’s called ‘Shared With Me’

Click on this and it will show any documents shared with you.

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